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07/05/2009 by

Using Social Platforms To Boost Your Campaign

Today I came across the new movie of neverhidefilms, the video productions of Ray-Ban. Once again, Ray-Ban managed to create a video with a highly viral element. Previously on ViralBlog, I wrote an article on Five Facts On Ray-Ban’s Viral Marketing Success. In this post I’d like to highlight another thing I’ve noticed about this video, the use of existing platforms in order to boost the campaign.


Take a look at the video after the click and see how Ray-Ban is using existing platforms for their campaign.

Massive yarn ball rolls through San Francisco

What I noticed when I visited the Youtube page of the video was the Flickr URL in the description field. In previous videos, they never communicated an URL to a page with additional information on the project with photos.


Why is this so special? I see it as a trend in campaign communication. Deliver the tools to your consumers in an environment that is familiar and easy to use, and the spread of your campaign will go much easier. Lancia is doing the same thing by providing photos of their campaign shooting of Lancia Delta 200 Horses on Flickr.

Sultana did a similar thing – see the posting here on ViralBlog: MrJummy: Blending Social Media In Crossmedia – and took it even a step further by not only enhancing their audience with the power to spread, but by creating the possibility to engage with the brand as well.

Now you’re asking yourself: Why would brands use the existing platforms? Wouldn’t it be better for brands to have their own platform?

There are some benefits when it comes to using existing platforms;

  • The platforms are free to use. Most of them dont charge a fee, and even if they charge for branded pages, the price is far less then developing your own.
  • The target audience is familiar with the navigation of the platform, making it easier for them to consume your content.
  • There is an ability to comment/reply, which makes it more spreadible (ending up in lifestreams on Facebook etc.).
  • The content becomes easier to find. People will Flickr search your brand. Wouldn’t it be terrific if they’d find content you want them to see?

Is this an trend? Are there benefits for the existing platforms? Will brands embrace these platforms as their first baby steps in getting social? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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