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13/06/2014 by

Top 5 Viral Videos In Viral Friday: NIKE – The Last Game

Viral video marketing used to be an art, now it’s a science. We curate the millions of videos that are uploaded every week. In our flagship format Viral Friday we show you the top 5 viral videos.

This week, we selected the following video top 5 for you… Enjoy and share.

Viral Video #1. Nike Football: The Last Game

YouTube Preview Image

This week, be ready that none of the selected virals will go below 10M views! First things first, here goes the ultimate winner of the week, NIKE: The Last Game with over 34.5 million views since this Monday! Awesome? No question about that. Want to know more? Go ahead and have a look at this recent post at ViralBlog.

2. Volkswagen – Eyes On The Road

YouTube Preview Image

On a second place in our viral chart is Volkswagen’s cinema stunt with over 17 million views in a week. A brilliant way to communicate the dangers of using phone while driving.

3. Adidas: House Match

YouTube Preview Image

Beckham, Zidane, Bale and Lucas Moura turning Beckingham’s palace into a football pitch in Adidas’ video with 14 million views in a week.

4. All by myself

What would you do while stuck overnight in an empty airport? Well, here’s a hint from Richard Dunn, who spent a night at McCarran’s airport in Las Vegas and shoot this awesome video that got over 12.6 million views since last Sunday.

5. Dear Kitten

YouTube Preview Image

BuzzFeed and Friskies come with a proof, that cats are still ruling the internet, in this uber-cute videom, which got more than 10.3 million views in a week.


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